Sunday, September 4, 2011

Garden Labors

Hope you're having a wonderful Labor Day weekend.  After a brief shower yesterday, it's a beautiful 65 degrees and sunny.  Although the meteorological fall started September 1st, we had unusual 100 degree days in this area.

This area has the Kewanee (IL) Hog Days - it's Midwest farming community at best.  Yesterday was the parade (shown is my grandson marching with his high school band for almost 1 1/2 hours), there are pork chops, rides, tractors, entertainment, and the kind of local silly we all enjoy.  

Below is my husband, with the American flag, marching with the local American Legion color guard.   

I'm not sure Labor Day was designed to honor gardeners, but, we all know we certainly should be included! 

Not to take away from those that are featured in parades, and here's another "but", but, I think gardening ranks right up there with noble professions.  Not as dangerous as our military, unless you consider a back thrown out or sore muscles.  Not as challenging as factory or production work, unless you consider getting out early to fight the latest insect invasion.  Not as necessary to have a specialized education, unless you consider hybridizing your favorite daylily.  Not a luxury spa resort, unless you consider the mental get away gardening affords.  Not as challenging as farming, unless you consider you can feed your family right out of your own back yard.  

Most of us have or have had other professions of labor and we still consider ourselves gardeners - the other profession. 

Two granddaughters taking advantage of the many parade entries who throw candy to the children.

Have a wonderful fall Labor Day where ever you are.  For those dealing with the recent effects of some of the nastier weather events, you're still in our prayers.


“If you wish, take learning seriously,
but take nothing else about gardening seriously.”
 Professor Allan Armitage
Author of Herbaceous Perennial Plants

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