Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Eye of the Beholder

Remember the old saying, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"?  It is so applicable to the gardening process.  I often use this one when I hear people dishing another person's gardens. 

I've found another quote I plan to adopt into my gardening observations:  "I believe creative work is subconscious."  The quote is from a Charlie Rose interview with Steve Martin (the actor/comedian/musician/author.)

It was a descriptive moment for my writing.  I don't claim to be a great writer and maybe some days not particularly inspired.  There are times when I do get inspiration and I've never been able to properly explain how it develops.  I'll get an idea and it simply flows.  These are what I consider my better efforts.  It's also a surprise as I go back and read a topic and think, "Where on earth did that come from?"

This subconscious creative process effect is why there will be a flood of several topics and articles.  Blame the excessive amounts of coffee, the barometric pressure, or something visual; at times, it simply flows.

In addition to creative writing, gardening has a subconscious creative process.  As with writing, developing a garden says so much about the individual performing the process.  The motives and inner thoughts are as diverse as are individuals world-wide in any creative factor. 

That diversity of the creative subconscious is why I hesitate to criticize another gardener's plan.  A garden completely developed by a single gardener reflects their subconscious - something we should value as surely as we value other deep core personality idiosyncrasies. 

Let me explain: I'm not talking about the fellow who throws his trash, used appliances and junk cars in the back yard for the weeds to envelope.  I'm not talking the crazed person who burns doll heads, crosses, and garbage as a focal point of their garden personality.  I'm not talking about the resident that uses so many chemicals and practices the rest of the neighborhood is endangered. 

I'm referring to the lady who spends every spare dime on cement angels, the young man who not only paints his house orange, but, every flower, bush, & ornament is orange,  the family who has a particular fancy for all things plastic or the sweet little ol' neighbor who must have one of every new plant no matter how they blend together. 

It's all about the inner creativity that has been pulled from the subconscious of a gardener.  I understand it and I'm good with your inner self if it brings you happiness every time you look at your garden. 

It's the same inner creativity that produces a song, a painting or sculpture, an innovative business venture, or a plan for world peace.  Some are on the scale of a small side yard and some are world-sized. 

Next time you have that subconscious creative inspiration and there are those that point and laugh, criticize or mock - remember your very own subconscious inspiration is as unique as you are - one of a kind.  If you are sensitive to the opinion of others, use that creativity sheltered from prying eyes, but, at least try a bit of it someplace.

Steve Smith in character as Red Green. Smith is finished making episodes of The Red Green Show, but he now fills theatres throughout Canada and the U.S. with his one-man production.As another creative person, Red Green, says, "Remember we're all in this together."


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