Sunday, September 18, 2011


Tulip "Claudia" is a dramatic purple-violet pink with light pink-white edges.  Blooms Mid-Spring and is 16-20 inches tall. 

These are two of the tulips I planted this afternoon.  Walmart and EuroBlooms have partnered to give $0.30 to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure from each pack sold with a guaranteed minimum donation of $100,000. 
Tulip "Hope Blooms" is a variable white and pink with pink mottling.  Blooms in Mid Spring and is 12-16 inches tall. 

Hadn't thought about tulips for the cure, was simply focused on planting pink tulips under our big old walnut tree.  Many of my tulips have run their course and I was glad for the nice day to plant.  I've often been outside in early November digging holes while battling nasty weather.

If you'd like to buy some of these pink flowering bulbs that benefit the Susan G. Komen for the Cure cause, check out your Walmart store, garden section. has the complete selection.

In addition to the two EuroBlooms, I planted tulip "Pink Impression" which grows to 18-24 inches.  There are now about 50 bulbs of pink tulip under the tree.  Towards the front of the bed I planted  36 crocus "Goldilocks" bulbs and they will bloom in early spring.  The late emerging comfry will eventually cover all the area where these bulbs are planted.
One of my favorite tulips is "Apricot Impression" - a dreamcycle colored large Mid-Spring bloomer on 22 inch stems.  I've had this one in my garden for years and replant as they begin to stop blooming.

All I have left to plant are about 50 daffodils ("Smiling Twin" and "Carlton").  I started planting daffodils in the woods a few years ago and hope to see WAVES of them in the years to come.  They are considered a long lasting perennial plus they naturalize.

If I gave you the impression I "color theme" my spring flowering bulbs - I sure don't.  I'm so color and flower starved come Spring, I love every color of flower that emerges.

I do manage to have complementary colors close together, but that's about as themed as I get.  My only theme is the thought, "I've never regretted a single bulb I've planted come Spring." 

Next month will be the official Pinktober - grab a few bags of bulbs along with your other donations to the Susan G. Komen For The Cure!  We all know a woman who has suffered and won the battle and a few who have suffered and lost.  We need a cure!        

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