Saturday, October 8, 2011

Harvest Home

Today's just a bin full of photos I've taken of harvest - as a farm girl, a writer and what I loosely call an artist - I love this time of this year here in middle America.

This is a pumpkin face I just happen to notice in the soybean field beside the house.  Is this too cute?
I don't think the sky is any more blue than in the Fall over harvest fields.
The gentle hills of this area make a quilt of beans, corn, trees, sky and roads.
The leafless walnut tree overlays the golden fields.
Yesterday's combining of the next door soybeans.  A dusty business necessary to the process. 
 This photo was taken by someone else at a location in Pennsylvania.  It applies to all farm communities.  On my drive to Princeton IL yesterday, I got behind many farm machinery.  The fields were full of farmers and equipment.  Lots of turns into fields, ethanol plants, elevators and homes lanes.  Don't become impatient, leave a little early because you can just bet your drive will take longer than normal.  Take time to enjoy the scenery and the farming process.  Say a little prayer of thanksgiving and protection for our farmers and their families. 

"Our deep respect for the land and its harvest is the legacy of generations of farmers who put food on our tables, preserved our landscape, and inspired us with a powerful work ethic."
 by James H. Douglas

And from our little hill in rural American, I say "Amen to that!"

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