Monday, October 3, 2011

Second Hand Rose

Second hand garden books are a good deal.  My friend, Rebecca, donated this batch to Freedom House's  Upscale~Resale Shop.

While working in Decatur IL, I often would visit "The Old Book Barn" which specialized in used and previously unsold book store inventory.  It was a barn of a place and stuffed full - I could spend hours - days - eternity - perhaps too enthused at this point...

I doubt there's a town, large or small, that currently doesn't have a non-profit that sells used books.  Some of our local "book joints":
  •  Upscale~Resale, 214 w. St Paul St, Spring Valley, IL  (a women and children's domestic abuse shelter and services serving Henry, Bureau, Marshall, Stark and Putnam IL counties)
  • Abilities Plus Resale Shop, Kewanee  IL (309-352-4626 to find drop location and times) (benefits individuals with developmental disabilities)
  • Goodwill Industries, 137 W South St, Midland Shopping Ctr. (Old Kroger store), Kewanee, IL
  • Salvation Army, 115 N. Tremont St. (Old J.C. Penney store), Kewanee, IL
 All of the above accept books, including garden books.

In addition to these great non-profits, who often depend upon the donations of others to fund their many programs, there's often book deals at commercial resale and antique shops. 

While looking for garden books, note there are other closely related topics such as my new book "Botanical Drawing in Color" given to me by my friend, Marge.  Other garden topics include books about birds and other wildlife, how to build yard structures, crafting yard ornaments, historical gardens and landscapes, botanical and horticultural masters and more.

A side note:  Non-profit resale shops will gladly accept your used garden "stuff", IE:  decorations and tools.

2nd side note:  Many libraries have a book sale once a year.  Always a place to find something interesting.

And, I've added this photo just because it was such a pretty little view of my yard today.


It's time to start "laying in" your winter stash of reading material - why not benefit a non-profit by scouting their book sales.  Take along some of you own supply to donate.  Win-win!   



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