Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Magic Garden Glitter

Have you noticed the trees and bushes that are normally orange in the fall are deep red this year?  The trees that are normally gold just dropped their leaves without much color.  I'm guessing it might be from the lack of an early freeze or maybe the summer drought or then again perhaps the heavy spring rains.  That's why there's always new opportunities for taking pictures.

For my friends who like shabby chic or recycled Victorian, I found a new Facebook site:  ~Romantic~Vintage Home~     It's packed with pictures (as in the one below) of re purposed and frothy clothes, gardens, homes and baked goods.  It's especially loaded with pink. 

This garden lighting is fun and a good use for all those cheesy decanters you've collected but never really use because - well, they're cheesy.  Seldom do any of us have ones made of cut glass lead crystal with sterling silver trim.  We have $1.00 at the thrift store or it came with stinky bath salts on our "earlier birthday" decanters. 

Seriously, can you imagine how these must sparkle if they were hung in the garden - yep, it a project!

Occasionally, I break the foot off a pretty wine glass - they are perfect with the stem pushed into pots of flowers or even along paths and in with the flowers.  A simple tea light and the flame is shielded from the wind.

Granted it's officially time to bring garden things inside - away from freezing and breakage.  It's not time to put away your imagination and inspiration.  Maybe - just maybe it's the perfect time to make some changes in your gardens. 

Catalogs, web sites, and most botanical gardens are available year round.  Slip on your warmest slippers and sail that fantasy garden wheelbarrow over the snowy skies until you find winter's magic garden glitter.  A hand full is all you need to find the most beautiful garden you've ever had - at least until Spring.    

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