Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Are you a wine aficionado?  Are you a regular at the wine tasting bar?  Do you tend to wear clothes in the color maroon?  Have you considered building a wine cellar even though you live in a cement slab ranch-style house?  At the tour of homes, do you scope out what wines they keep in their wine racks?  Yes?  Then do I have a deal for you!

The attributes of wine are so numerous, it was destined to be used in the description of daylilies.  I love daylilies much like a sommelier loves wine.  Put the two together and here's some perfect daylilies for the wine lover's garden:  These daylily names are:  "Vintage Bordeaux", Wineberry Candy",  "Summer Wine", and "Raspberry Wine".  

All of these daylily photos are from Oakes Daylilies www.oakesdaylilies.com and are currently available for ordering.  (I don't recommend commercial garden stores unless I've personally experienced great products and customer service; Oakes always hits 100%. )  There are many more daylilies with wine topic names and other retail stores that carry them.  Back to topic:

Love wine?  Consider developing a small garden bed devoted to all things wine.  Daylilies require full sun (with some exceptions), good drainage, mulch, fertile soil (although they withstand less) and your share of sweet talk to make them feel good. 

If you want to take it over the top, add a bottle tree, candle holders made from old wine glasses, wine cork art - yes, only your imagination and resources can limit how much you want in your little wine garden. 

And last, a place to sit and enjoy a perfect glass of wine while you enjoy your perfect little wine garden.  Aw, the joys of a summer day!

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