Sunday, March 4, 2012

Eye Poppin Sculptures

I appreciate artistic talent and I'm glad there's enough individuals with talent to supply the needs to the most common or eclectic. Here's some I've enjoyed, either up close and personal or on the web.

This is putting the "flower child" description to the test.  Is it
1.  an old car,
2.  a yard sculpture,
3.  a flower pot,
4.  junk,
5.  art,
6.  or all of the above?

I've seen several of these and most would take a farm sized back yard.  Some are arks while other's look like pirate ships.  This is just what we (our grandchildren) need in our yard!  I'm just sure it's another one of those projects that will only cost "a dime more than a dollar" or "a minute over eternity.."

How cute are these herb garden markers made from wine corks?  Yes, I consider it art since it takes a creative person to come up with the idea.  Admittedly a wine drinking creative person!                                                                

This old truck is out front of a car repair business located beside the Greentown, Indiana county fairgrounds.  Note the water  shooting out the radiator into the pond. 

I've seen several of these tongue-in-cheek garden beds but this has to be one of the most perfected.

This is my Praying Mantis.  I saw this at a local nursery and thought it would make a nice happy birthday present to me.  When we inquired, we were told the man who'd made them was retired and they wouldn't sell their last one.  My husband came home and made this for me - perfect!  Both of them! 

Gardeners may not realize glass can be a beautiful focal point in flower beds.  The whole Dale Chihuly garden exhibits have opened up this garden art medium to the masses.  Perhaps you won't put a Chihuly in your garden but definitely some glass.  Mirrors on a fence or in a knot hole, glass art balls, or the old gazing balls. 
And one of the most fun ~~ an art sculpture made from flip flops.  It's enough to make you want to skip!

 Image DetailSerene and modern, this beauty is an example of stainless steel sculpturing.

Something for everyone - to buy or to make.  I'm sure you can get a little art mojo workin' in time for perhaps the final snow of the season.  

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  1. love the praying mantis...of course i have a personal connection