Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Lamb

No, not THE Lamb - It's March 1st and I'm talkin' weather.  We've had a faux winter and apparently spring wants to try to top winter.  Hate it when the seasons compete!

We had several days of high winds.  The kind of winds that push the warm air out of a house and make me sympathize with those folks who used to live in the dust bowls in the 1920's.  The howling certainly makes one a little edgy. 

Even though the temperature was in the 40 degree range, the 25 mph winds gave us the windchill of 16.  Today the temps are in the high 30s and almost no wind and I'm thinkin' it's a flip flop kinda day.

If you believe in weather folklore, our spring has entered like a lamb.  Granted, it's a gray dreary-coated lamb.  Are we to expect it to go out like a lion?  Is this type of weather forecasting any better than that silly groundhog routine? 

I love observing weather.  It's often referred to as an old folks "thing", but, I've been into it since I was young.  We have a new fancy-dancy weather system - thanks to a Christmas gift.  I've thermometers in most every room in the house; you never know when you'll need an immediate reading...  Another on the back porch because everyone wants to know how hot it is when your sitting with that glass of iced tea, sweating like crazy and the conversation turns to temperature.

Yes, I'm a weather junky and I'm not content without knowing our local Channel 8 "storm team's" forecast for tomorrow. 

This junky has a weather alert system that sends out a loud warning if severe weather is on the way.  This is tied to an alert system on my computer and cell phone.  Love it!  This home siren system isn't a bad idea out in the country where we can't hear the mega ones in town. 

What reminded me of all this was a fb question "Have you ever been in a tornado?"  Check out "Tornado Alley" article, indexed as "Spring Severe Weather" #309.
I don't know if it's the alert system or the change in barometric pressure, but, my heart rate certainly increases when an  "immediately take cover or you will be killed" alert hits the air waves.  There's some springs we've spent many hours in the basement, weather alert radio running, people and pets listening to see if we are the ones who will hear that freight train. 

Unless a tornado has been sighted near our house, I usually take a boat load of pictures of the sky.  Pre storm clouds are marvelously beautiful - well, until they turn that pea green color and then I'm heading down the stairs. 

Here's a photo of our mature cat taking one of her many long winter naps.  She just happened to lay near this magazine - says it all!  And to set the record straight:  I did not buy that magazine!

Check out the "Adventures in Tornado Alley - Storm Chasers"  by Mike Hollingshead and the late Eric Nguyen.  Amazing photos of tornadoes. 

Another book on the subject and closer to home:  "Superstorms:  Extreme Weather in the Heart of the Heartland" by the QC Channel 8 meteorologist, Terry Swails.

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