Friday, March 9, 2012

Windy in the Country

The daylily "Country Fair Winds" has a name that's perfect for where we live: 

In the country - check. 
Fair amount of wind - check.

Other check marks for this pretty daylily:

Inexpensive - check!  Two-three fans from Oakes Daylilies for under $6.00.

Dormant - check!  I often have the most success with dormant varieties.

Hardy - check!  This means it will be hardy to Zone 3.  
Late season bloomer - check!  Blooming in July and into August when other daylilies have finished.

Medium big bloom size - check!  Consistently has six inch blooms.

Good height - check!  Registered for 25 inches tall, mine is often more like 36 inches. 

Solid breeder - check!  All my daylilies from Klehm are healthy, sturdy, and have many flowers.

 Pretty - check!  The flower is a light peach (some areas get a little pink) with a greenish gold throat.  The peach and gold make a beautiful and unusual combo.

Unusual - check!  It has a thin gold, ruffled edge that glows like a strip of fine gold glass spun over the edge..

Fragrance - check!  It has a strong scent.

Photogenic - check!  This is one of those lilies where you will have loads of pictures because every day there's a beauty.  It's also one of those lilies that's even prettier in person.

So:  check - check - check!  I bought this daylily because it looked good and was cheap.  Yep, nothing scientific or lofty.  No research, no color matching, no checking anything much.

Isn't it a lovely surprise when all the checks are met without deserving on our part?  If you're new to daylilies or a seasoned collector, I recommend "Country Fair Winds" for all the reasons I've check!

“Lone and erect,
beneath light's primal flood,
A lily! and pure as any one of you.”

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