Friday, July 9, 2010


"Friendship - Friendship - It's a perfect friendship. When other friendships have gone to pot - ours will still be tops." Now there's an old song from way back in my youth.

I've found friendships with other gardeners is pretty much tops. Serious gardeners or gardeners who are serious about their garden passions, are always interesting and fun. Most are seriously nice and enjoy talking gardening.

I visited a Bishop Hill (IL) garden this past week and enjoyed the beautiful daylilies. A peaceful setting, set in a mature yard, and tended by a mature gardener. I say that with respect because this gardener is what some might call a "senior" and he just stopped walk-mowing his acres this year.

He has quite a collection of daylilies on the 2 1/2 acres he tends and is doing some cross breeding of lilies. I doubt that I will ever do lily breeding and I find it interesting to hear the how and why of his interest.

You can always learn something new from a fellow gardener if your open to listening. Sharing information such as ideas, remedies, plans and such is as nice as sharing plants.

I find it most interesting to see how others landscape. Most of these daylilies in this garden were vibrant oranges and reds and variations thereof. Seen from a distance, the beds glow brightly. Seen up close and the varieties have subtle and interesting differences such as the ones pictured above.

The vibrant daylilies are especially effective against the shade and green of the mature trees and perennials.

I suspect this garden and it's beauty have not been seen by many because it's in a tiny town and down a dead end street. The lily gardens are to the far sides of the property from where others might travel. I'm especially grateful for the chance to see, visit and take my pictures. And, the cinnamon iced tea served by his Misses was so welcome on that really hot and muggy day.

Side Note: This Bishop Hill gardener would like to get with other gardeners on an afternoon now and again. Call 309-927-3356 if you are interested in getting together (informally) to discuss gardening and related topics.

Gardener friendships, they're the perfect friendships!

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