Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independence Day

Taken from an old government "Victory Garden" book I found at my Dad's home.

Our 4th of July celebration is actually celebrating our independence as a self governing nation. It's been a long and often conflicted history (as all trails to independence) but, I never fail to be thankful for having been born in the USA.

As in the garden, one seed is important to make the garden. The individual effort of one plant helps make the whole garden more bountiful.
No less true: one American citizen's effort is what makes our whole nation more bountiful. Bountiful liberty, respect, and freedoms.

Thanks to all those who have made or continue to make this country a better place to live, work, raise our families, plant our gardens and celebrate our freedom!

Have a great day - in this great land; home of the free - land of the brave!

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