Monday, July 12, 2010

Little This and That

Chicago Apache Daylily
Globe Thistle

Rolling fields of corn tasseling.
Was another beautiful day on the hill, beautiful weather and then a little rain in the evening. Daylilies are putting on a heavy showing, plus, most summer flowering perennials are in full bloom.
Without the heavy winds, huge downpours, and hail, most things are looking pretty good. We're finally able to mow all parts of the yard and the "streams" are mostly or almost dry. Was able to mow our walking paths in the woods after my husband cut up the large fallen branch from one of the many old trees.
I'm taking a bit of a trip over to Indiana this week to visit family. I've had the trip in the works for quite some time and then this week my closest cousin's husband died unexpectedly. I'll also be attending those service and grateful I can be there for them.
One of my favorite summer travel time enjoyments is putting in an Agatha Christy book on CD and enjoying the many pretty yards and farm fields along Route 24. See you when I get back home!

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