Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Those Pesty Critters

Yesterday's little trip into bug city brought this little info piece. There are insect repellents both natural based and DEET based. Here are but just a few of the newer ones:
OFF has been making insect repellents for years. I've always found the OFF products and CUTTERS products work the best for me although I don't use them on little children. This is OFFs new product, that isn't applied to the skin and simply clips on. I'm going to try this one soon because skin applied OFF tends to irritate my skin if it's sweating season.
The next two products are from Lyman's catalog of "non-electric products". This mosquito trap is insecticide free.

A fly trap. I've not used either of the traps but they are worth consideration. I will not use lawn foggers no matter the conditions or the number of visitors to my yard. Foggers are indiscriminate and kill good bugs as-well-as the pests.

This has always been my personal insecticide of choice because it works on most anything we find out there in the Midwest. This sportsman edition is more comprehensive than the older versions. It's also non-greasy which helps when the heat is also in high gear. Again, I don't use it on young children.
Many people use Avon's Skin-So-Soft as a natural repellent for children. Throw away last year's unused insecticides because they loose potency over time.
Heavy creams and lotions hold in the heat and won't let your skin breath thus making you more hot. Scented bath soap, deodorants, hair care products, lotions, cosmetics, fabric detergents and softeners all attract insects.
The Citronella based products have little repellent qualities for me personally. Coils, candles, and oils may work in the immediate vicinity of the flame but not much farther. They do keep insects from hovering or being attracted to the flame during the evening hours which may be worth something for entertaining.
Insect bites are not just an itching issue, many carry diseases which can be very dangerous. Although just a few instances - better safe than sorry by combating the risk.

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