Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Late Bloomer

White Temptation Daylily

This daylily has a long bloom time. The advantage of a near white daylily, it gives so much contrast and light to the beds. For those of us who tend to have lots of daylilies, planting near-whites among the strong colors really makes the differences show. Plus, this daylily has strong features of it's own. To date, there is no all white daylily, hence the "near" title.

Posh Design Daylily

Most of us don't think too much about daylily bloom times until the majority have no more flowers. We lament, "No more daylilies - they're all done." to each other and get a sad wistful look in our eyes.

Crimson Sword Daylily

UNLESS, we have "late bloomers" or a few rebloomers or continuous bloomers. I've never been very good at documenting which of the categories my late bloomers belong. Aside from the ever faithful Stella de Oro, a continuous, I'm just thrilled at any daylily flower lasting late in the season.

Along the Way Daylily

Typically, we in Zone 5 are too far north and have too short a summer to have daylilies rebloom (even if it's bred into their DNA.) Along with other differences in 2010, the early spring coupled with such a moist year has enabled us to see daylily reblooming.

Stella de Oro Daylily

The commercially strong Stella de Oro will bloom on and off most of the summer, especially if it is deadheaded and the seed pods are removed regularly. This characteristic is why many landscapers use it in many of their business designs.

Parade of Peacocks Daylily

Parade of Peacocks is a large spider type and is classified a "late bloomer". Late bloomers for Oakes Daylilies is classified June-July.

Green Flutter Daylily

This beautiful daylily was not bought from a nursery and planted in too much shade. Seldom blooming and looking totally average, I dug it up this year, divided and now have three beautiful lilies in the sun. The green center (eye) glows and it's become a real standout. A great color for late blooming daylilies because it's a time of the summer where a color splash is needed.

Olin Criswell Daylily
Sometimes a bed of all one color makes a statement. I have a bed of several light yellow daylilies out by the red shed. Lots of green/blue grasses and shrubs behind it and it is a nice mellow look. They have been mid to late bloomers.

Lilting Belle Daylily
This is perhaps my last daylily to bloom - stay blooming in my garden AND it has always been my favorite.

Chicago Apache Daylily
Chicago Apache was my first hybrid daylily and still a favorite. I've given starts to many friends over the years and it responds by being even more beautiful. Plant late blooming reds where you can view them all day (mine is right in front of our front porch swing).

Superlative Daylily

Superlative daylily has been blooming since June 12th and it's been divided many times. I'd term it mid to late season. Not an expensive plant but it increases in size quickly, is reliable and always beautiful.
Several garden friends and I laugh at our ability to quickly change gears and forget the gone blooms of the past several weeks and have new blooming favorites. Are all gardeners undiagnosed attention deficit adults - I wonder. . .
As you consider daylilies for your fall purchases, consider a few late bloomers. Many years this will extend the bloom times to the end of August.
Daylilies bought at local nurseries in the fall will be showing the same signs as those in the garden: The bloom time will be over, the leaves will be starting to turn yellow and flop.
I'd resist the urge to trim the leaves back because the sun will help the leaves take nutrients down into the roots and establish the plant.
Keep new daylilies watered this fall. I know it seems crazy that anything would need water but all new plants will need water until winter. As an example, we had over one inch of rain this week and my new hydrangea was dry and had started to wilt.
Side note: To check out more on most of the above mentioned daylilies, see "Daylily Madness" in the index of articles and the look for the daylily name.
AW - the daylilies are done.
OH LOOK, something's shiny over there!

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