Sunday, February 12, 2012

Love Is In The Air

Does the love of your life want roses for Valentine's Day or can you go a little into the garden scene for a sweet treat?

If you have a love, and you get a valentine's present for your love, and you haven't had "specific instructions" - Perhaps some of the following might expand your options.

I realize some recipients only want big and expensive and specifically REALLY big and expensive. 

I realize some recipients want a beautiful card, the traditional dozen red roses, heart shaped box of chocolates and dinner at a fine restaurant.

The reason I feature the photos of wine gift baskets is to help you towards thinking about some different types of gifts for this valentine's day.  If a gift is nice, is thoughtful, and something the recipient actually enjoys, why not go different?

Think about these:

  1. Gift certificate from a nursery
  2. A trip to a nearby botanical gardens - including lunch
  3. A new set of garden tools
  4. Ergonomic rake, shovel, or hoe
  5. A red wide-brimmed garden hat
  6. A water feature for the yard - plus installation
  7. A computer program to record garden plants, etc.
  8. A camera with a good zoom lens
  9. And for the adventurous - a wagon load of aged manure
  10. Bird houses and feeders 
  11. Subscription to a garden magazine or a new garden book.  (if you subscribe for a Kindle type device, make sure it will download photos well or it is pretty worthless for looking at beautiful gardens.)
Should you both be gardeners:

  1. A set of his and her outdoor lounge chairs
  2. A large patio umbrella
  3. A ceiling fan for the porch
  4. A train trip to an area of the country for an annual flower convention or tour of historic gardens.
  5. A tree
  6. A pergola
  7. Outdoor cooking devices
  8. Weather station
Warning:  If you've got the traditional kind of love in your life - do not and I stress DO NOT attempt to break that tradition on Valentine's Day.  There is nothing wrong with red roses, chocolate candy and a great meal topped off with something from your favorite jeweler.  The point (aside from increasing market sales) is to show love and that you care.

Budget minded:  If you are in your lean years (I mean financial not weight) - a love letter could be the most important and favored gift you ever give to your sweetie.  

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