Friday, February 10, 2012

Out of Style?

The other day I heard someone described as "classy" and "dignified".  I realized it's been a long time since I'd heard those descriptive words used. 

According to my Websters:

Classy is slang for something elegant or stylish.

Dignified is marked dignity of aspect or manner; noble; stately. 

Do you think the reason for disuse comes from:

  1. There are fewer classy or dignified people or things?
  2. Today's descriptive slang uses different words?
  3. The words are of another generation?
  4. Maybe all of the above?

Classy and dignified can definitely be used in the garden world: 

  1. How a plant looks and behaves.
  2. How a garden is composed or designed.
  3. The manner an insect or bird goes about it's tasks.
  4. The position of a plant in a photograph.
  5. How a gardener presents his or her self to others.
  6. The descriptions or claims in a catalog or nursery.
  7. The design of garden structures.
  8. Maybe all of the above.
I always considered classy and dignified a positive attribute - still do.  Hope these descriptive words don't fall into such disuse that the the description or behavior are removed from society. 

On that note, I read an article stating what 2011 descriptive words are now "OUT" and using them in 2012 means you're not up with the times.  I realized I didn't use any of them in 2011.  Does that mean I'm so out - I'm actually in?        

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