Friday, February 24, 2012

Slide into Spring

Here's a couple of slide shows that will make you want to rush into spring.

Go to Annie's Annuals photostream.  Then "Spring Slideshow 2012".
This one is from Annie's Annuals.  I've mentioned her catalog before.  Annie's is located in California and in a rather tough urban location.  Note the high fence topped with barbed wire.  Annie's is beautiful, casual, eclectic, and definitely fun.
This is located on You Tube.  If you can't link into it from this site, enter in search:  Monet-Giverny.pps .  It's titled "Claude Monet and Giverny".  Increase to full screen size.  This is a slide show of Claude Monet's home and gardens in Girverny, France.  It was where many of his most famous paintings were done and is now open to the public.  He certainly shows his eye for beauty was translated into his garden. 

There are many ways to view a garden slide show: admire the beauty, scope out plants you might want this year, gain some design knowledge, or be entertained. 

Snow in this part of the woods this morning - beautiful!

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