Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Thick as Soup

A few pretty photos taken during one of our recent fogs.  Another reminder so many weather conditions often produce beautiful photographic opportunities besides those in full sun. 
Little bird perched on a frosty bush.
Always busy, a resident squirrel is in his favorite walnut-eating place.

Our weeping willow is always beautiful and even more dressed in the hoarfrost.

Fog and frost lend an aged appearance to photos.  This picture of an old barn might be today or fifty years ago. 

Old trees by the former strip mine lands, lean towards the road.

As the sun pushed through the fog, layers of "clouds" rose from the tilled fields.

Off subject, here are three pots trying to sprout.  I had place the left pot out in the garden late last spring.  I tossed it in a bed and pretty much forgot the leftover Easter lily.  "Assumed" it was long dead/ruined one winter day so brought the pot inside, sat it on the garage work bench and forgot to compost.  Last week I noticed it had sprouted!  What fun.  Sometimes procrastination works!  The other two pots contain Amaryllis bulbs I'd stored in a paper bag in the basement.  (I never seem to have the time to get them going for a Christmas display.  I was once told by a visitor to my home that I shouldn't have them in March - only at Christmas.  Aw well, we each have our own opinions...)  The one in the plaid container had already started it's sprouting - perhaps a reminder it was ready for Christmas blooming after all.  At any rate, I'll have some pretty awesome flowers in a couple of months.  

Side Note:  If you'd like to read more about hoarfrost, check out a past article "The Snow Fairy Was Here"  #109. 

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