Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Get real!

Your county extension office has good advice for picking, cutting and caring for live Christmas trees.  The only tricks I'll share are:

  • Cut the tree stump off even if it's only an inch to make sure it hasn't sealed.  The sap sometimes seals off the stump preventing water intake.  Immediately put in water.
  • Wash the tree holder with bleach and rinse really well.  It will kill bacteria (which is fatal for water uptake).  Rinsing will keep little bleach spots off your carpet and floors.
  • There are commercial preservatives to add to the tree's water or simply add a squirt of anti bacterial hand soap after you fill the container and gently swish.  Squirt and swish are technical tree terms.
  • Never ever ever let the water get below the end of the tree stump.
  • Direct sun and heat sources close to the tree will dry it out faster than you can fill the water bucket.
  • If a family member has allergies to mold, check to make sure your tree doesn't have mold spores.  You can spray the tree with the hose to help wash off but if allergies are severe, I'd stick to artificial.
  • Fact is if you put up a live tree a month before Christmas, it will be dry as a matchstick come Christmas day.  Have a fire extinguisher in the area, have a plan of emergency exit for the entire family and did I mention:  WATER.

1951 with my brother and I posing in our school
Christmas program costumes.  My mom was into
pin curls...

And now - drum roll - I'm going to post pictures of live trees through the years. 

Since there was small children involved in all of these Christmas scenes, the array of homemade ornaments are pretty obvious.  Seriously, what's a Christmas tree without at least one toilet paper cardboard ornament.  The trees may be less than glam but no child cares when the excitement of putting up the tree signals only a few days until Santa arrives.  As a kid our trees were up a week at the most. 

1952, apparently I was the only one happy this Christmas
 and it may have been because I got a beautiful doll. 
Mom's expression may have been the result of dad getting her a roaster??

1954, at my aunt Edna's home - A cousin photo -  I'm
 top right with the ever so coiffured hair. 
My mom was the pin curl bedazzler!

1960 - Mom and I admiring the tree with a white sheet and the manager scene under.
 I'd spend hours arranging the little figures and now my granddaughter is doing the same thing. 
I think my white bobby socks add to the Christmas theme.

1961 - This was at my Grandma and Grandpa Morris' home.  
I'm in one of my first "store bought" outfits. 
A peach pencil skirt with died to match angora sweater. 
Oh - sorry was this about trees...

1971 - my own home with my daughter Susan. 
I think the paper chains are still one of my favorites.

1982 and apparently I was into tinsel BIG time.

1995 - White sheet and manager under the tree.
 This girl didn't get far from her roots.

2010 - I've had artificial trees for the last many years.  They are sculpted and beautiful. 
This year we're getting a real tree for the bay window.  I'm ready to smell the smell, have the imperfect real tree look and sweep up needles for months.
I'm just sure there's a grandchild willing to make a toilet paper cardboard ornament to complete the look. 
Side note:  Not sure you know but click on a picture and it will take you to an enlarged version slide show.  Should you want to know how to make pin curls or another fashion statement, give me a call.  Happy tree hunting!

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