Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Too Old to Rock & Roll?

With the exception of a few stout souls, we seem to be the first generation to push living beyond our prime - thanks to medical and health improvements.
Our parents' generation and those before, worked hard and then died prior to becoming very old.  They didn't have the opportunity to become "retired" nor the leisure to pick up hobbies.
I'm not sure we've made the best use of this huge blessing; this ability and opportunity to pursue our interests beyond our middle age.  But, we've certainly kept our sense of humor about the whole situation and this old Jethro Tull number tongue in cheeks it quite well.
I come from a long line of hardy farm people who lived well into their late 90s in spite of the average life expectancy in the 40s.  Most never "retired" because they were too interested in life to quit doing what they loved:  working.  Most didn't work at their farm or farm wife tasks into late age, but, all took their talents and worked at giving to or teaching others.  Not a one "wanted" to sit and do nothing. 
It's an example our generation (and those to come) need to realize:  retirement isn't about giving up work or your passion; its about pursuing those passions in a different way.
I'm always glad when I see a "person of age" gardening.  WHEN did I become a person of age - certainly not in my mind. 
Gardening may require I scoot instead of bend ~ take breaks instead of full bore all day ~ wear New Balance instead of flip flops ~ slather on sunscreen in hopes of preventing more sun spots ~ stretch before, after and during gardening not in hopes of preventing injury but in hopes of getting the joints moving again ~ wearing the sunglasses that have the bifocals ~ and actually having the time to show our grandchildren how to tend a garden.
Am I too old to rock and roll, too old to wear tight pants, too old be useful or too old to garden?  Not this year babe - not this year!
Ian Anderson in the 1970s and 2000s.
Diane in the 1970s and 2000s.
Now where's my tight pants?  Oh, yeah - they're all tight now days! 

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