Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Is it Wrong to be Right?

What's wrong with this picture taken about 1:00 pm today?



Not very often have I had the doors open and enjoyed putting final Christmas decorating touches on the outside of the house while wearing flip flops.  Positively no excuse for not getting everything winterized, put away and decorated.

Filled my bird feeders and immediately had a flock of gold finches busy filling their little tummies.  Had a White-breasted Nuthatch in the batch.  Hadn't seen one in several years so was quite fun.  He flies in and lands on the roof of the feeder.  Walks to the edge and hangs upside down while scoping out the food and possible predators.

Managed to do a little raking where leaves had piled up and would become a hazard when the weather got bad.  Trying to do other chores but keep staring outside.  Maybe I'll go play with the dog and pretend it's for his sake.  Is there such as thing a "fall fever?" 

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