Monday, November 19, 2012

Scoop on Soup

Typically I plant cabbage in my garden.  It doesn't take much room, it's pretty easy with no major pests or diseases and I like it...  I tend to make the world's worst slaw so pretty much try to figure out ways to use it in cooking.

This year I planted a green and a red head type cabbage.  I also planted a Chinese leaf cabbage. 

Because of the mid-summer drought conditions, the cabbage heads sort of just sat there and didn't become huge.  In addition to that weather related issue, it produced lots and LOTS of little side heads.  These are great when you cut off the large head, the secondary heads take over.  This year since the main head didn't get large, I didn't cut until about a week ago.  I left a few little heads to see if they would continue growing with cold weather and cut the rest to throw in soup.  Have you heard enough about the trials of my heads of cabbage?

I made a simple cabbage/potato soup this week.  I used both green and red cabbage.  Here's the simple version for crock pot cooking:

Spray the crock pot with Pam or grease. Turn on high for 6 hours.


48 ounces low fat chicken broth  (use veg. broth if you're doing meat free)
6 large red potatoes - cut in small bite sized cubes
1 small sized green head cabbage - slice into bite sized pieces  (do not grate)
1 small sized red head cabbage - slice into bit sized pieces *
1 T Mrs. Dash garlic herb seasoning
1 T fresh rosemary

At the end of 5 hours, add:

8 oz. package low fat cream cheese

Stir occasionally to combine melted cheese.

Adjust seasoning as needed.  This doesn't usually need much salt.

* The more red cabbage you use, the pinker the broth.

This soup is fresh, mild and flavorful.  A little low fat sour cream looks pretty and a sprinkling of bacon pieces adds more flavor but certainly not necessary.

At the end of 6 hours, the potatoes should be soft but still hold their shape, the cabbage cooked through but not mushy, and the cream cheese totally melted.  Plate up with a substantial chewy piece of bread or crackers.

Next year consider planting a few cabbages around your garden or flower beds.

Sorry for the rather sloppy photo of soup.  Or, sloppy soup photo.  I was already into a few mouthfuls before I realized I didn't have the memory chip in my camera when I took the really pretty pictures.  Hate it when that happens.      

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