Friday, November 9, 2012

Patsy Cline Sings Again

CRAZY, crazy for lovin' you!  Yep, we've got some crazy going on in the gardens.  It's the second week in November; what we call winter in these parts partner and I have roses blooming!

It was a tough summer for roses because of the drought and the Japanese Beetles.  Beetles are gone and we've had some really nice rain falls.  A few nights of below freezing but not a hard freeze. 

This week:  four rose bushes are blooming.  Not a huge amount and not especially perfect flowers BUT BLOOMING!  A beautiful sight for sure BUT - and there it is again, CRAZY, crazy for lovin' you!  But, I'm ready for a Midwest Nor'easter. 

I would have gladly been the target of the recent Eastern snow storm (I know - I know) BUT retirees can sit at home and enjoy big snows.

I no longer have to fight my way to work emergency outages (electric utility), I no longer have to drive on nasty roads,  I no longer have to wear fourteen layers of clothes in case I get stuck, I no longer have to look like a stuffed dork in insulated utility boots.  I don't have to scrape windows or let the car warm up for fifteen minutes just to see out the front.  I no longer have to shovel to get a path out the drive or even to the drive.   

I can stay at home, look out my picture window, start the generator if the need arises, light a lamp and snuggle up to the beauty we call winter.  Take some pictures, walk outside, play with the dog, come in and have hot chocolate and buttered toast.  Yeah, I'm so ready.  How about you?  You can be CRAZY, crazy for lovin' it too.

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