Monday, March 4, 2013

LIttle Bit of This

Little bit of this and a little bit of that is talking about miniature or fairy gardens. 

I've read several articles lately making fun of people who like, create or post pictures of these little cuties.  It reminded me of a leadership article I read talking about journalism using "shame" to control.  In other words, I'm going to shame you, make fun of you, or otherwise bully you so you'll stop talking about something that isn't all about me and my views.  It's time for gardeners to rally and put a stop to caring about these shame makers.  You like fairy gardens, then go for it in a big way!  Big way - miniature gardens - not quite obvious but still funny to me this morning.  And moving on...

I'm not sure why I love miniature gardens but they stop me in my tracks every time I see one in a nursery, garden or on line.  Probably the same reason I have this old Victorian looking doll house in the spare bedroom and re decorate it periodically.  I just haven't got the kid out of me yet and hopefully never will.

Or it might be some crazy gene that causes me to stop at every child-size chair in every antique shop every time.  Or was I traumatized as a child because I never had my own little chair?  And moving on...

I've seen some pretty elaborate fairy gardens built into back yards and I've seen some pretty darn cute ones in pots.  Expensive or cheap, expansive or tiny, perennial or annual - whatever you want.

I've talked these gardens before in "Where Fairies Play" under miniature gardens #65 paper.  Today, just some ideas where to check out examples and ideas.

Sunnyfield Nursery, Kewanee.  They have them potted and ready to go and have plants and accessories to compose your own.  Jeff Johnson is available to do miniature garden demonstrations.  They have a picture on their fb page of the new Wave Pansies - AWESOME.  And moving on...

An on line and fb shop:    Miniature Garden Shoppe has a beautiful section with photos.  This little pink number is an example.  The nice thing about this business is it's located in Brimfield IL.  Love supporting small area business!

Dollhouse suppliers, hobby and thrift shops are also good places to get little accessories.  Indeed it's a matter of imagination and imagination is what takes a little bit of this and that and makes garden.

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