Thursday, March 28, 2013

Serious as a Heart Attack

Keeping healthy is important at any age for both men and women.  Gardening is one of the ways you could accomplish fitness. 

  • Bending and stretching keeps you agile.
  • Lifting, pushing and pulling builds strength which helps with balance.
  • Exercises that raise your heart rate improves circulation, reduces fat, increases stamina and about two zillion other benefits.
  • The whole thinking process that goes into planning a garden is good for the mind.
  • The peace of being in a garden space and the jobs we accomplish while there provide the perfect meditation time.  I find it's also a perfect place to work out things in my mind.

Meanwhile, knowing the warming signs of serious health issues and then acting upon them is what smart gardeners do.  And we know you're one smart gardener!

Check out the Video from the American Heart Association's Go Red program.

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