Tuesday, March 5, 2013

So Darn Healthy

In my quest for a more healthy lifestyle (not really lifestyle cause I'm basically over the age of "crazy live on the edge because I'm invincible" stuff), I've made up dishes of things I really like and are good for me.  Two new favorites that will never make a Food Network newsflash:

Eat it because it's good for you breakfast:

1/2 C     Oatmeal (use original not quick because it has less sodium and more fiber)
1 C        Fat free milk

Cook 90 seconds in microwave (watch it because it can boil over and you will have wallpaper paste to clean off the unit.)  Stir briskly until it becomes creamy.

Add a cut up banana.  Add one dropper full of Better Stevia Dark Chocolate liquid extract.  Gently stir into oatmeal.  Add enough fat free milk to cover.  AWESOME!  Well, it's as awesome as oatmeal can get...

Seriously simple lovely lunch:

1 Lg.     Golden Delicious apple
1            Avocado 
5 Lg.      Strawberries
Pinch     Lowry's Seasoned Salt  (Small pinch)

Cut fruit into bite size pieces.  Don't peel the apple.  Stir fruit gently together until the apples are lightly coated with avocado.  Sprinkle salt on before serving and don't stir it in.

One bowl is enough for:  one hungry starving human being for one meal.  Two side salads.  Or, four small salads, each on a lettuce leaf.

If you don't eat the whole thing in one sitting, squeeze a little lemon juice over it and store in a zip lock bag.  Do not salt until it's ready to serve.  It's alright after it's been stored with the lemon but not as good as without and fresh.  Eat the next day at the latest. 

This is a no brainer and so easy it's my new quick on the fly meal of choice.  Balanced nutritionally and the flavors compliment each other.  Both are VERY filling and that's important if your hoping to stop nibbling on junk food. Being hungry while dieting is a sure way to sabotage the whole eat healthy thing.  Finding foods you can eat in quantity and that "stick to your bones" is an important part of the whole healthy eating scenario.

If you must omit the salt, go with a seasoned salt substitute.  It will change the complexity of flavors (I've always wanted to say that.)

Bla bla blaing:  Aldi had avocados for 49 cents each.  The strawberries were almost as good as fresh- flavorful and sweet.  Take a quarter (for the cart), your own bags and cash (they don't accept credit/checks.)   I wonder what's going on with bananas:  the peeling is ripening but the fruit inside is staying hard.  I hope it's not another example of some creepy chemical injection or spray for shipping purposes.  Since I'm on an avocado kick, I'm trying to root all the pits.  I should have my own avocado forest by summer.  We're having another beautiful snow day.      


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