Thursday, June 16, 2016

Crossing That Line

You know you’ve “crossed that line” when:

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When the fight for equal rights becomes unequal.

When the fight against racism becomes racist?

When lawmakers, who are tasked with protecting the rights of the defenseless, write a law that permits the killing of approximately 1.6 million unborn humans a year.

When we will no longer listen to an opposing point of view.

When the only friends we want are just like us.

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When the fight for feminist rights becomes everything anti male.

When a restaurant in the US throws away more food than most of the world has available in a year.

When we accept childhood cancer as the “way it is”.

When we are no longer shocked by violence against women and children.

When the word “immigration” no longer makes us think of human beings just like our ancestors.

When a political debate becomes a version of the dating game.

When we celebrate the death of young men killed in gang wars.

When we spend more time condemning sinners than praying for them.

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When it becomes easier to give bad behavior a clinical name.

When after Two Thousand and Sixteen Years someone’s skin color is still a factor in decision-making processes.

When we tax hard working successful employees to allow someone else to not work even though they’re capable.

When Illinois politics are more important than Illinois residents.

When a country stops caring for its children, its infrastructure and its disenfranchised.

When ordinary citizens spew more hatred and anger than terrorists.

When we stop supporting our law enforcement and military personnel because a few have dishonored their profession.

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When we know we’re being price gouged, sold inferior products, lied to about services and quality and we’ve now accepted it as inevitable. 

When the media has more stories about what goes bad or celebrity nonsense because that’s what you pay to read and hear.

When more people ride bicycles because of loss of driving privileges than because they are into the health benefits.

When the only thing that will make someone happy is to take something away from someone else.

When it goes from knowledgeable to know it all.

When someone becomes outrageously wealthy and others think they deserve some of that cash.

When differences of opinion are only settled through lawsuits or violence.

When more time and money is spent on the wedding than on knowing what it takes to have a good marriage.

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When old people are an inconvenience rather than a resource.

When you do career better than family.

When everything is someone else’s problem unless it’s about you.

When being lazy is compensated while the cost of education has become prohibitive.

When bullies are condemned in schools and praised in presidential debates.

When we must be Republican, Democrat, Socialist or Independent instead of a free thinker.

When every Tom, Dick and Harry has an opinion and this little old garden lady does, too. 

Note:  When I do an "opinion piece", I simply add some pretty garden flowers because every article needs a little pretty.