Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Daylily Season 2016 - #2

A couple of new beauties:

Hemerocallis "Fellow"
This beautiful spider daylily is 7 inches of rich purple with long thin petals/sepals surrounding a lemon green throat.  Considered Unusual form - Crispate.  It blooms early to mid season and will rebloom in milder climates.  It has 24 inch scapes.  Dormant - Diploid - Diurnal.  And, it's VERY fragrant.  What's not to love?  It was awarded Honorable Mention in 2007.  This was from Oakes Daylilies for $20.  It's been in the ground since April this year. Hybridized by F. Childs in 1978. 

Hemerocallis "Spacecoast Starburst"
I had lusted over the Spacecoast series and when I visited The Flower Factor, they had this one for $12.50 - and it was mine.  6 inch soft lavender pink/peach with gold watermark and ruffled gold edge.  It says "colors may vary" and I've seen them from pale to deep toned.  It is substantial and multiplies.  All good.  Early to mid season bloomer plus rebloom in mild climates.  Evergreen - Tetraploid - Diurnal.  Bud count 40 with 4 way branching.  There is a reason for my lusting!  It received the Award of Merit.  Hybridized by Kinnebrew 1998.  (Note:  photo by dealer)

So those of you new to daylilies understand:  this is the first bloom on my plant.  Many new daylilies and some established plants don't always put out a perfect first bloom.  The new ones are establishing a good root system and that sometimes comes at a cost the first year with less than perfect flowers, scapes or size.  Patience is a virtue.

I'll write more on "expectations" in the future.  But for now, I'm enjoying over sixty daylily plants entering their midseason bloom.

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