Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Daylily Season #3

Hemerocallis "Mountain Almond"

Mountain Almond was hybridized by Billingslea in 1991.  I bought this lily from Oakes Daylilies in August 2015 for $7.50.

A 6 inch almond peach self with green throat.  Rounded and recurved with soft ruffled edge.  Veined.  Semi evergreen. Diploid.  Midseason plus extended bloom time.  21 inch scapes.  Slightly fragrant.  Rust resistant.  Received Award of Merit, Honorable Mention 1996 and Junior Citation 1992.  I would call this substantial because this is how it looked (first bloom on my plant and of the year) after a heavy wind storm and lots of rain.  

Seventy-three plants are blooming.  Many flowers took a beating today but the almost two inches of rain was welcome by all.

Note:  This blog is definitely not designed for gardeners.  The spell check doesn't recognize most common horticultural terms and doesn't allow new words to be added to the dictionary.  If you see an odd word - it's autocorrect and I've missed the change.  Lame at best.  

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