Monday, June 20, 2016

Dalyliies Season 2016 #1

Last year I did a daily report (more for myself than a vast crowd hanging onto every new bloom news) on each daylily as it bloomed.  This year I have some new ones that are just putting on a show.  So very exciting for a daylily nut.  

Hemerocallis "Prague Spring"

Hybridized by Lambert in 1985, It was a bonus gift from Oakes Daylilies but typically sells for $10.  This stunning beauty is 7 inches of pink petals with lighter pink sepals and a large pistachio green throat.  It stands on 30 inch scapes.  Considered a mid season bloomer - Dormant - Diploid - Diurnal.  The bloom type is considered a "unique spider - unusual form - crispate.  It started blooming here 06-13-2016.  It received Honorable Mention in 2004.  (Oakes Daylilies photo)

Hemerocallis "Chin Whiskers"

Hybridized by McRae in 1992.  It was from Oakes Daylilies for $10.  It has 5 inch lavender/pink spidery twisted petals, with undulating curls and ruffled blooms.  A lime/yellow throat.  (Some show more rose/lavender with streaks of cream/lime.)  20 inch scapes.  It's an early to mid season bloomer - has an extended bloom time and may rebloom in milder climates.  Dormant - diurnal - diploid - VERY fragrant.  It needs full sun.  The bloom form is "unusual - crispate - spider."  I planted this last year and it is putting on a crazy huge beautiful show already - each scape has about two dozen buds.  I planted it outside my picture window and it certainly grabs my attention.   It started blooming 06-16-2016.
Hemerocallis "Carnival in Mexico"

Hybridized by V. Santa Lucia in 2000.  A 7 inch warm veined rose with very large vibrant red eyesore.  It has a yellow green throat.  It is a mid season bloomer plus rebloom in mild climates.  Dormant - Tetraploid - Diurnal - 22 bud count - 3 way branching.  30 inch scapes.  I bought this spring from Klehm's Song Sparrow for $27.  The plant was so big, I divided and have it in two spots.  Honors are the Stout Silver Medal in 2012 - Award of Merit in 2010 - DCS 2011 - Honorable Mention 2005.  This will light up the front walk.  It started blooming 06-16-2016.  (Klehm's Song Sparrow photo)

Hemerocallis "Nuit d Amour"

Hybridized by Lambert in 1990.  New in the ground lilies sometimes have shorter scapes, the color may be a bit off or spotty but give them a chance, it's growing pains for your newborn.  These are 6 inch dark lavender blue with a darker halo above a rather large green/yellow throat.  It's a mid to late season bloomer.  Dormant - Diploid - Diurnal.  It's bloom is consider unusual form - crispate.  It started blooming 06-17-2016.  I bought this from Oakes late last year for $11.

Hemerocallis "Destined to See"

Hybridized by Larry Grace in 1998.  I bought this from The Flower Factory for $10 the middle of last year.  It is a stunning 6 inch cream with blue/lavender eye and very toothed/ruffled lavender edge with a tiny edge of yellow.  Has a yellow/green throat.  24 inch scapes.  It's considered an early to mid season bloomer.  Evergreen - Tetraploid - Diurnal - Fragrant.  Has 12 buds per stem.  Received the Award of Merit and Honorable Mention.  Bloom is Unusual Form, Edge and Eyezone.  Although it isn't in the published descriptions, mine looks pearl dusted.  It stays sturdy late into the day. 

Yes, the daylily season is in full gear and I have 44 varieties in bloom.  They're very healthy from what I'm assuming was caused by a mild winter, early spring, early rains and lots of sun.  We are entering a bit of a drought period and without more rain they will still bloom but the leaves will get looking rough.  I spot water all my "new in the ground" plants about once a week.  Since I moved many to a new bed, it's rather labor intensive this summer.  I had hoped mother nature would take care of most of it through spring but she stopped too soon.  We did have about 2 1/2 inches last week which was a big help.    

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