Thursday, June 16, 2016

First World Problems

I apologize to anyone who might have wondered why I've been so absent from posting garden articles to this Blog.  My computer had a deep and serious Malware that required two different trips to my very favorite PC man/favorite son-in-law, Paul.  Bless him and his friend, Kenny, for fixing things and I'm back in business.  

The first world problem involved Apple computers which NEVER get that deep of a Malware - mine did.  It should be an easy fix - mine wasn't.  What kind of sights do you visit where you picked up this Malware - I'm a bit of a groupie for the Royals - but alas - they will have to wear their charming clothes and do their charming philanthropic events without me anymore.  This update only takes one thing - Well not exactly.  Updates require more updates.  Updates change the systems interaction and make other devices obsolete.  Lots of new and cashie additions. 

This required a new external hard drive where I store all my documents (writing) and pictures.  It meant the old had to be transferred and required doing it on another computer and it was a learning process.  It's done and I'm back in business without loosing anything!  And, I've even learned how to use most everything. 

Thanks also to my husband, Jerry, who tends to be more methodical than I.  I'm a click seventeen times in seventeen seconds - without a clue and wonder why it didn't work.  If it hadn't been for my volunteer (meaning they work free) son-in-law and husband, I probably would have tossed the whole mess and spent my days working in the garden.  I'd have fewer weeds but would probably have been a bit more testy.


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