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Crafting Mojo

Christmas 2008
If you have a creative flare, now is certainly the time to get your crafting mojo working.  (Is "mojo" really a word???) 

There are great projects for Christmas that most anyone can accomplish with a good pair of clippers and some pine branches.  If you shop in stores that have beautiful wreaths, you might be tempted to splurge on one, but, making your own takes these beautiful ideas and allows you to haveone at a fraction of the cost. 

Either from your own pines -or- purchase a bundle from a local retailer.  Shake off any insects and debris.  

Lay newspapers on your table to prevent sap from getting on things.  Use wire and wire cutters for outdoors.  Glue guns work for indoors.

For an outside wreath, I like to have one of those wire forms instead of the Styrofoam forms because they are sturdier in winter weather and wind.  Some use pre formed grape vine wreaths as a base.

For wreaths, cut the pine branches into no more than 8 inch lengths.  Tie these in one direction & to the form with wire.  Make sure the end product is full and all the wire is covered.  Shake it to make sure you have all the branches totally secured.  Add a small wire loop, at what will be the top as a hanger.  Now you're ready for the fun.

Decide the color theme for your decorations.  Lighter colors show best on the greens.

Weather warnings:  Many glass balls/ornaments have the outside painted and will get damaged in rain/snow.  If painted on the inside, they must be secured tightly to prevent breakage.  Fresh fruit will only last a few days before they start to rot.  Plaster berries and fruit will start to dissolve in moisture.   The die in velvet may run and stain house/trim paint.  Dried flowers, grasses, & grain work, but, may fall apart or get limp.  Anything heavy will eventually droop.

Some ideas: 
  • Other evergreen foliage such as barberry, boxwood, and holly. 
  • Using different kinds of pines add color variations:  fir, blue spruce, arborvitaes, cedar for example.  
  • Natural pine cones, Canella berries, Juniper berries, lavender, Eucalyptus, & wheat.  
  • Plastic ornaments, fruit, candy, leaves and berries.
  • Outdoor twinkle LED lights if there is an outlet close.

Example #1:
  • Wrap red and white striped wired ribbon lightly around the wreath.  Tie firmly to the wire frame.  Weave it in and out of the pine so as not to mash or bind up the pine branches.  Don't use so much that the greens are hidden.
  • Tie a large full bow of the ribbon at the top securing with wire tied to the frame. 
  • Wire sprays of artificial red berries and secure into the greens by tying into the frame.
  • Wire plastic candy canes onto the frame (even though real candy canes are wrapped in plastic, moisture will soak in and they will start to melt.)
  • Spray-on artificial snow gives it the winter look.  (Should be done outside or in the garage) 

Example #2:
  • Hide twinkle lights in the greenery.  Make sure they are securely wrapped.  Using an outdoor extension cord in the same color as your house paint helps it not detract.
  • Insert gold colored artificial leaves, using the wire method. 
  • Attach a large full gold bow.

A photo of Christmas decorations at Hobby Lobby 
Example #3:
Lay 3/4 of your greens going in one direction, lay the other 1/4 in the opposite direction.  Wrap wire around the smallest spot where the two meet.  Make a loop on the back for hanging.  Add a ribbon over the wire.  Wire pine cones to hang from the bottom/larger portion.  Tuck in red berries or other red decorations.  Hang upright.

Examples are only limited by what you have, what you want, and how expansive you want the greens.  The wind and rain today remind me all winter decorations need to be really secure or they might end up mojoing into the next country.  The pre decorated wreaths pictured were from $50 to $400 - another reason to do your own mojoing!

Found this while looking for wreath pictures:
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