Thursday, November 4, 2010

Gardening & Diabetes???

This November, the American Diabetes Association is sponsoring its annual American Diabetes Month to raise awareness about the seriousness of diabetes and the importance of diabetes prevention and control, and to promote its national Stop Diabetes campaign.

WHAT???   What does diabetes and gardening have to do with each other?   One of the things a diabetic must deal with is their eating habits.  Doing this can make the world of food seem like "the enemy" and they may experience the feeling of "deprivation".  

Growing your own food and herbs can help enhance the flavors of food and make those foods you do eat seem more like a gift rather than the punishment.

When I speak of herbs for diabetics, I'm not referring to herbal treatments.  I'm referring to herbs and spices being used to enhance the flavors of the food.  They allow things to taste better and allow your satisfaction to be enhanced.  It's difficult to stick with dietary restrictions when you feel deprived.  A big huge boat load of flavor can put a grin on your face and keep your sugar levels within the guidelines.

Growing your own herbs and vegetables allows you to have them available all the time so you're not as tempted to grab a quick harmful snack.  Large flavor will help satisfy your food satisfaction without large quantities.  Although some vegetables contain so much sugar and carbohydrates that they must be eaten in limited form, having that limited amount in the most flavorful fresh or fresh preserved manner adds to the satisfaction. 

Gardening is a great way to add exercise to the diabetics' routine - one of the ways to enhance your physical health, maintain your correct sugar levels and add a huge level of well-being to your life.

Although I have family-in-law members with diabetes, I'm not an expert.  I know the struggles they have experienced and how difficult the whole food thing is for them.  Get a list of the vegetables and herbs you can eat - the amount, the sugar levels and percentages you can eat - and plan on a garden next year.  Get a POW! from herbs and spices and not from fluctuating sugar levels. 

Check out the American Diabetes website (see the enclosed link) for more information. 

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