Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Shed Is A Shed

I've never seen a garden shed as well organized as the magazines and HGTV garden program examples.  I'm sure there are some out there - I've just not seen them and especially in my own back yard! 
This little area came about when my daughter moved and gave us her little storage shed.  In the winter, it holds everything that can get cold and is piled to the top.  Since it doesn't get water, it works well.  I did learn to NOT store the hanging basket liners inside the shed  - the mice thought it was nesting heaven.  This area also has my potting bench.
Some sheds are tiny and some are large.  Farm properties usually have barns and like-sized sheds which can hold the additional garden tools.  City/town lots must use garages or erect little utility sheds.  Both in-garage storage devices and the utility sheds can be simple to expansive. 
Even the most simple shed (as pictured in the oil painting by my mother) serve the purpose as long as they are dry.

I've got the organizational device called "20D nails".  I came from the 1900's barn type of organizational methods for hanging tools.  All my "handled" tools hang in the garage by two of these big nails supporting the rake or whatever.  I admit, it's not as pretty as the metal hanging devices sold at hardware stores.  I also admit, it still works.

I still use a bucket of kitty litter with used motor oil for my garden shovels.  Since a metal tool will rust if sitting on the cement floor all winter, it solves that problem along with the oil coating.  Plus, it's a least harmful place to dispose of the oil.

All my hanging lanterns hang on a 20D from the garage rafters.  It takes no work bench or cabinet space and they risk little breakage. 

I don't have an inside potting bench - mine is outside as pictured above.  Although I contemplated those lovely commercial designs for inside, there is just no way I'm neat enough to keep the mess off the floor.  In the summer, I simply store my bags of potting soil in that little outhouse style shed since it's been emptied of all the garden things earlier in the spring.  

If you have a greenhouse type shed, an actual shed constructed for gardening, and if you have them all organized - good on you!  I'll admire yours and may even dream about emulating your neatness.  In the end, Diane will hammer a few more nails and feel fortunate if at the end of summer my tools are all hangings and clean. 

Pretty - not so much.  Barn functional - yep. 

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