Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hunker Down

I have a few "favorites" on my Facebook page.  They are actually a way for a commercial enterprise to advertise.  Since I choose to let them advertise on my FB page, it means they have more to offer than just their products.  One site is Lehman's Country Life - a catalog of products designed for those who do not have electricity at their properties.  

The Lehman's store is located in Kidron Ohio, smack in the middle of one of Ohio's Amish communities.  Because they do mail order sales, it's available to anyone who might enjoy their products.  Not only do they have home and farm supplies, they also have food products (think penny candy).  What got me there today was their recipe on how to roast pumpkins.  Might give it a try!  

The site has equipment similar to what my grandparents used.  I've ordered supplies from them, especially when I want garden, kitchen or preserving item that I can't find locally. 

The products I've used are made to last and of first rate materials.  Where my parents' items were cast iron and could rust, most now days are stainless.  Anyway, even if you aren't in the market to buy, it rather fun to look at all the stuff and the articles.

Their web site  has an interesting blog site:

Karen's is a simple blog about all things on their farm relating to produce: garden, farm, animal, and responsible sustainability. 

(Old walnut tree that still produces an abundant crop each year)
As we in the Midwest prepare to "hunker down" for the onset of winter - this wholesome blog is inspiring and informational. 

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