Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November This and That

Our flag flying; a freedom we have in the USA.  Another is the right to vote - hope you exercise that right today.  Even though political leaders and the media like to blame everything from the economy to the weather for the county's problems, the elected officials (500 plus) are the only ones in our US that can make decisions, make changes, or improve our country.  When you think of what a mess our government is in today, it is all the more important to elect or re-elect those who will make good decisions.  That's where good government begins:  with you!

What might we do today and tomorrow?  
  • Bring in the last of the summer equipment and decorations.  Hoses in particular need to be drained and stored.
  • Why wait any longer to put up Christmas lights.  Maybe not the large twelve-foot lighted Santa, but, certainly the ice cycles on the eves, the ones on that pine, and any that require a ladder.  Unless - you just don't feel it's the Christmas season if you aren't freezing and cracking the ice off the rungs of your ladder...
  • Plant any spring-flowering bulbs you may have tossed on the garage work bench and forgot.  I finally managed to get 100 daffodil bulbs in the ground yesterday out in our woods.
  • Make sure your bird feeders are clean and filled.  Same, if you feed squirrels.  Lay in a supply of bird feed and corn so you don't have to haul in heavy sacks all winter.  I use the large plastic tubs with lids to keep away mice.  
  • Find your vehicle ice scrapers.
  • Put Sta-bil in the gas tanks of your gas motors (lawn mowers, snow plows, tillers, etc.). 
  • After cleaning garden and lawn tools, make sure the metal is covered in a coat of oil to prevent rusting.
  • Don't store tools sitting on cement - it conducts moisture and speeds rusting or rotting.
The sun is shining and it's a great day to get out and vote - see you at the polls!

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