Saturday, November 6, 2010

Goodnight Tree

One of the favorite books of my little grandchildren is "Goodnight Moon".  For some reason, it made me think of our old apple tree out in the woods. 

This old tree was oddly shaped, probably from lightening strikes.  It had character.  The first few years we lived here (about 14 years ago) it produced these juicy tart green apples.  Just right for making applesauce.

It was a favorite of one of our cats, Boots, who was forever climbing up the inside and examining the world from his perch.  

The tree then started a steady decline and had no leaves this past summer.  During our recent heavy wind storm (40 to 60 mph winds), it finally toppled.

I hadn't noticed until I was planting my daffodils bulbs and I'm kinda sad about loosing this old tree.  It takes a long time for a tree to have character as beautiful as this old apple.  It was so beautiful, we positioned a little bench under it and kept the area mowed.  It was the perfect spot to sit a bit and enjoy the quiet of the woods. 

I suppose we'll have to reconfigure the little area, but today it's "goodnight tree".    

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