Friday, July 3, 2015

Always a Thrill

Because of perfect weather conditions, daylilies are pulling a few surprises.  Some haven't come up in years and I'd marked them down as gone gone gone.  And here they are showing me they are hardy and well.    

Hemerocallis "Posh Design"
"Posh Design" is a 5 inch pearlized rosy pink/peach blend pattern with distinct gold ruffled edge and faint white midribs.  22 inch scapes.  Mid to late season bloomer.  Dormant.  Substantial.
Hemerocallis "Margaret Guillory"
"Margaret Guillory" is in the family bed for Jerry's mother.  6 inch rich rose with distinct white midribs and bright yellow throat.  Sepals are a lighter color.  Pronounced darker veins.  21 inch scapes.  Early season and rebloom.  Fragrant.  Dormant.  This one hasn't shown up every year but is beautiful today.
Hemerocallis "Mini Pearl"
"Mini Pearl" is a 3 inch soft blush pink/peach self with butter yellow watermark.  Recurved petals.  Dormant.  Fragrant.  Early to mid season bloomer plus rebloom.  High bud count.
Hemerocallis "Lacy Doily"
New for me this year, "Lacy Doily" is a 3 1/2 inch double trumpet-shaped coral/apricot with yellow/green throat and ruffled edges.  Mid to late season plus rebloom.  Each flower lasts at least 16 hours a day.  Heavy bud count.  Diploid.  Evergreen.  Fragrant.  Diurnal.  20 inch scapes.  Is is classified as a "Daylily 500 Series" producing over 500 double blooms per season.  I can enjoy that!
Hemerocallis "Dance Ballerina Dance"
"Dance Ballerina Dance" is a 6 inch apricot going to a deep bright orange into the eye.  Ruffled edges are a darker apricot.  Dormant.  Diurnal.  Midseason blooming.  Tetraploid.  23 inch scapes.  It's slow to open in the mornings and doesn't always open flat.  Received Award of Merit.  

You may have noticed the color description is often pink/peach or yellow/green or other slash options.  Colors can vary with soil, year, weather, time of day, whether it is the first-middle-last blooms, camera and other variables.  

Only a very few daylilies look the same every year, day or time.  Almost all my pinks have shades of peach or blush.  I'm assuming it's because most of my flower beds are farm-field clay.  Reds often vary during the bloom cycle or time of day.  Deep colors often fade or become waxy looking if the sun and heat are strong.  I typically take my pictures first thing in the morning before I get busy with life.  When I can, I go out later in the afternoon for late opening flowers. 
Some of my summer outdoor decor - note the green
decoration?  It's a buggy kind of year.

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