Thursday, July 2, 2015

Glorious July

Yesterday was a seriously beautiful day.  These daylilies started blooming:
Hemerocallis "Bradley Hardy"
"Bradley Hardy" is in the family garden bed for our grandson, Bradley; both bright and cheerful.  A 6 1/2 inch gold self blooms on 30 inch scapes.  Somewhat flat with light ruffling.  Very substantial.  Mid season bloomer.  Dormant.  Tetraploid.  Received Honorable Mention award.
Hemerocallis "Carmine Monarch"
"Carmine Monarch" is also in the family bed for daughter, Carmen.  This lily is a pretty 7 1/4 inch carmine rose red with thin petals, rather flat with a yellow/green big star throat on 34 inch scapes.  High bud count, substantial and vigorous.  Early to mid season plus rebloom.  Dormant.  Tetraploid.  CM is one of those lilies that is a wonderful clump because it is covered with flowers for a long period of time.  
Hemerocallis "Unknown Yellow & Red Small Spider"
This "UK Yellow & Red Small Spider" is always (ALWAYS) reliable; color, form and substantial.  5 inch bright yellow/gold spider with dark red eye and yellow throat and midribs.  Slightly ruffled.  30 inch scapes.  Blooms mid to late season.  Very hardy.  When a flower has such distinctive colors, not only do they look good by themselves - they also make good transition flowers.  Put in a bed of yellow and red and it brings them all together.
Hemerocallis "Jean Swan"
"Jean Swan" is in the family bed for two of my daughter-in-laws:  Julie Jean and Marla Jean.  If it hadn't been for this flower being a good addition to the family bed, I wouldn't have started buying double daylilies.  I was snobby because they don't benefit insects - pollen or nectar.  But I got over it quickly and now have several.  This 6 inch fluffy double blend of white and soft yellow (sometimes a peach) blooms on 32 inch scapes.  Mid to late season plus rebloom.  Semi evergreen.  Lovely fragrance and high bud count.  Opens later in the morning.  Honorable Mention award.
Hemerocallis "Exotic Dancer"
"Exotic Dancer" is a 7 1/2 inch pink spider with large greenish throat.  Very fragrant.  Nocturnal.  Diurnal.  Tetraploid.  Dormant.  Midseason, rebloom and high bud count.  28 inch scapes.  "Crispate-unusual form" as a curled spider.  Luscious!

Sometimes humans upset nature and I certainly did yesterday.  I've been removing most of my fall blooming phlox because it's covered with mildew.  An old variety, it has no resistance.  As I pulled down another handful I noticed this mishmash of spider silk, dead leaves and wood bark mulch stuck to stems and out tumbles this little Red-throated Hummingbird nest.  Two eggs break and although this one survived the crash and I placed the nest in the nearby spirea bush I have little faith the Hummingbird will find it or accept the change.  Sad.    

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