Thursday, July 23, 2015

Gardening - Mostly

Giant Swallowtail 
Grateful all the craziness in the world isn’t in my yard.

The rationalization isn’t good enough about why we import and buy any food product that is grown right here by our neighbors.

Trying to be grateful for more rain because somewhere there’s a drought.

I call it “UN Friendship Bread” because of the guilt from throwing away the starter.
Eastern Black Swallowtail 
Deadheading daylilies and knocking off a perfectly good bud instead.

Pulling that new plant while weeding because you got into pulling and didn’t realize it was valuable until it was in your hand with no roots attached.

Balancing the desire for a beautiful garden against another 400 mosquito bites.

Driving behind a leaking honey wagon and having to keep your car outside even when hail is predicted because even the dog won’t go into the garage.
Finding the weed I pulled yesterday is already six inches tall today.

Being amazed at how wonderfully over the top some plants are this year for the first time.

My abdominal workout this summer is sneezing and coughing.

Children don’t whine nearly as much as adults concerning the heat, humidity or insect bites.

Realizing the red on my maple trees isn’t a fluke; it’s the first sign of fall.
Mourning Cloak

Following a Louisiana weather site just to make myself feel better about our humidity.

There is always that one person in Wal-Mart that makes you realize the Wal-Mart people web pictures are not staged.

Wondering how many times farmers bite their tongues when people are clueless about animals, crops and production.

People who take offense over everything need to garden.  Gardeners soon learn it takes hard work and forgiveness to be happy in the garden.
Black Tiger Swallowtail
There is no comparison between hothouse strawberries and tomatoes and garden fresh.  My taste buds tell me they are two different fruits. 

There’s something magical about a field of pumpkins.

Childlike wonder when something self seeds and there’s a vegetable or flower growing as if by design.

I’m sure the term “tough love” was originated by a gardener.

They used to burn accused witches at the stake, now they roast them on social media.
Tiger Swallowtail
Of all the flowers I love the best, I love the flowers best.

You love gardening when you hate to go on a summer vacation because you might miss something blooming in your yard.

The best picture of a flower is with a child or grandchild.

At the end of the day, the guy that picks up all the weeds I’ve pulled and cuts out and hauls away the branches for me deserves to be called “super husband”!

There are garden days when I find it hard not to resent Adam and Eve’s little slip up.  You had a perfect garden!  What were you thinking? 
Silver Spotted Skipper
There’s always that one plant that does crazy things.  This year it’s 12+ foot tall hollyhock.

I hate the day it went from “reporting news” to “making up news”.

There are an estimated 3,500 species of bees in the US; each one needs to be valued for the work they do in our fields and gardens.

This summer I’ve had more honeybees at the birdbath than birds.

This is the summer we will try to find “green tomato recipes” and pretend we’re happy eating them.
Red-spotted Purple
Today I’d like to thank Willis H. Currier!

It’s estimated one square mile holds more insects than all the humans in the world.  Scientists believe that there is at least that many more still undiscovered.  For the most part, humans go about life swatting, removing or ignoring insects until you see that magnified close up and then the nightmares begin.
Red Admiral
Note:  All these butterflies were in my yard over the years.  Have host plants for larvae, caterpillars, and winged insects.  Have a variety of plants and don't keep your yard too neat.  And do not use insecticides.  Build a butterfly sanctuary and they will come.   

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