Sunday, July 26, 2015


Lillium "Casa Blanca" is another highly fragrant and spectacularly beautiful late blooming oriental lily.  The flowers are 10 inches of pure white clusters on 48 inch stems.  Although they are wonderful in the garden, breaking off a flower for a vase in the house is a must.  

Oriental lilies can be planted among other late blooming perennials with ease since they don't really mind company.  The above photo is "Casa Blanca", daylily "Bryan Paul", annual "cleome", "Blackberry" toad lily and daylily "Dublin Elaine".  
Casa Blanca is so easy and common that it's inexpensive. A few can be planted every year for a big show with little effort and cost.   And if they ever invent a computer with the ability to emit fragrances, this would be the perfect smell-o-blog time.  

NOTE:  I wrote a previous article "Casa Blanca Lily" #318 about these lilies if you want to read more.  The way to get there is look at the list on the right hand side of this blog.  It is alphabetical by the labels.  I try to label by the actual topic not my article title so that way things can be researched easily.    

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