Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Breath In - Breath Out

A beautiful day with low humidity, sunny skies and 80 degrees.  

It started out a bit uneven when I woke at 3:30 AM and couldn't go back to sleep.  Amazing what you can get done at that time in the morning.  Because it was the perfect weather, I was out at daybreak ready to finally kill weeds.  I've put it off because of the weather and I hate the exposure to chemicals.  It was today or my previous week of intensive weed pulling labor would be for naught since the weeds were growing fast.  

I did get the invasives and weeds coated in herbicide.  At the same time, I sprayed myself THREE times with Deep Woods because the mosquitoes were attacking; especially back by the woods.  Then the icing on the cake - or the chemical on the corpse - the fields around us started to be sprayed by a crop duster.  Cough Cough and I'm inside but wow what a less than desirable health situation all the way around.  At one point, I thought maybe we should just move to a place with no yard.

On the plus side, here are a few new blooms:
Hemerocallis "Dublin Elaine"
"Dublin Elaine" is in the family bed for granddaughter, Kaydence Elaina.  Sometimes the name association is a stretch but it still works for me.  A 5 1/2 inch light pink double with cream.  Has a small yellow center.  32 inch scapes.  Mid season plus rebloom.  Dormant.  Excellent grower with masses of blooms.  Award of Merit and All American Daylily Selection.  

This double is stunning because of the way the color lays on it much like it's been painted with watercolors.  I pick one every day it's open to sit on my desk.  
Hemerocallis "Dorothy Lambert"
"Dorothy Lambert" is another stunning flower.  6 inch glowing orange crush with mauve eye and gold throat.  32 inch scapes.  Mid season bloomer but comes up late here.  Dormant.  Received the Award of Merit.  

DL has done poorly in recent years because a shrub overgrew it's site.  I removed the shrub and it's already looking better.   
Hemerocallis "Crimson Shadows"
"Crimson Shadows" is a 5 inch deep rich crimson red with darker halo and yellow eye.  25 inch scapes.  Mid to late season bloomer.  Dormant.  A nice bright addition to the July/August garden.  Unlike some reds, CS stays looking good throughout the day. 
Hemerocallis Unknown "Flat Pink-Peach"

This unknown variety "Flat Pink-Peach" was given to me by my daughter when she moved and downsized yard space.  It's been an odd little lily and took awhile to establish.  This year an exact duplicate came up about 20 feet away for the first time.  Hummmm.

I think it's time to move some under performers.  Under performers because they're in the wrong place and in wrong conditions.  I have now killed vegetation (hopefully) a large area in full sun that had this invasive ground cover.  Late fall or early spring is move time!

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