Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July Beauty

Three beauties looking lovely in spite of another inch of rain last night.
Hemerocallis "Megan's Love"
"Megan's Love" is a 6 inch bright yellow self with textured petals, heavy midrib and ruffled edges.  Light green eye.  34 inch scapes.  Diploid.  Semi evergreen.  Mid season and repeat bloomer.  Very substantial and hardy.  Sometimes the petals recurve.  In our family bed for daughter, Megan.
Hemerocallis "Star Struck"
"Star Struck" was a bonus free lily from Oakes Daylilies.  A 5 inch golden melon wide petal self with ruffled edges.  26 inch scapes.  Blooms mid to late season and rebloom.  Dormant.  High bud count.  Fragrant.  All American Daylily Selection award.  Good every time, every day and pops across the gardens.  Or in this case, across the fields since it's out by the shed.
Lilium "Anastasia"

Lilium "Anastasia"
"Anastasia" is a Trumpet-Oriental lily from the Netherlands.  The near white 6-8 inch recurved flowers have rose color radiating from the center and rose brush marks and dots.  Green star eye.  VERY spicy sweet strong fragrance.  The flowers face downward on 6 foot scapes.  It helps to stake them in case wind or rain hits while there are many heavy blooms.  If staking, tie with something soft (like old panty hose) to avoid cutting and breaking stems.

These bulbs do not last forever but are worth planting every few years to make sure they are in abundance in the garden.  They are stunning and scent all the surrounding area.  Mine were planted sixteen years ago and are still lovely.  

Don't plant where the bulbs will sit in water or they'll rot.  Plant exactly per directions in lots of sun. They don't mind shorter perennials around them but they do need plenty of sun from the time they start to put up shoots.  If they are shaded during this period, they will have weak scapes, flop and may not bloom.  

They are a perfect cut flower and last for days while scenting the room.      

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