Sunday, July 5, 2015

Two For the Price of One

Hope everyone had a good 4th of July celebrating America's independence and enjoying family, friends, food and fun.
Hemerocallis "Real Wind"
"Real Wind" needs a place to be seen because it's 6 1/2 inch light peach blooms have a large deep apricot eye zone and white midribs.  Glowing gold throat.  27 inch scapes.  Mid to late season. Dormant.  Vigorous.  Received the Honorable Mention award.  I've divided this beauty many times.
Hemerocallis "Country Fair Winds"
"Country Fair Winds" is a 6 inch peach/pink bloom with a sparkling thin gold ruffled edge and green/gold throat.  It lays somewhat flat.  25 inch scapes.  Fragrant.  Substantial.  Late season bloomer.  Dormant.  
Hemerocallis "Unknown Black Purple Velvet"
An unknown "Black Purple Velvet" has 6 inch slightly curled sepals, very dark velvet purple with lighter midrib, heavily veined and slightly ruffled.  The color varies widely from dark purple to lighter purple to burgundy.  It has a bright chartreuse eye and darker halo.  28 inch scapes.  Very fragrant.
Hemerocallis "Joyful Fancy Free"
"Joyful Fancy Free" is a 5 1/2 inch cream yellow/peach blend with gold throat and sometimes a little gold edge on the ruffles.  28 inch scapes.  Slightly fragrant.  Mid to late season bloomer.  Tetraploid.  Dormant.  Good bud count. 
Hemerocallis "Parade of Peacocks"
 It was quite right for "Parade of Peacocks" to bloom on July the 4th!  An 8 inch rosy peach spider with huge rose eye zone around a green throat and slight ruffled/pinched edges.  36 inch scapes.  Mid to late season bloomer.  Color may vary.  Dormant.
Hemerocallis "Olin Criswell"
"Olin Criswell" was one of the cheaper ($4.50 ea.) lilies for the shed area.  It's a 6 inch light yellow single self bloom with ruffles.  On 24 inch scapes.  Mid to late bloomer and rebloomer (I consider it continuous.)  Dormant.  Tetraploid.  Substantial to the point of huge clumps and easily divided.  Received the Honorable Mention award.  This is one extremely tough and beautiful yellow.  
Belamcanda chinesis Iridaceous "Blackberry Toad Lily"
The "Blackberry Toad Lily" isn't actually a lily (belongs to the Iris family) but it's worth talking about because it adds so much to my gardens.   The 2 inch yellow petals have bright orange dots and markings.  It is followed by a seed pod with shiny black seeds (that look like a blackberry.)  The seeds are poisonous (my animals aren't interested in them and my grandkids don't eat from the yard.)  It freely self seeds by dropping, wind and birds (not poisonous to birds.)  It has fan shaped thin strap shaped leaves on 2 foot stems.  Blooms late summer.  Will bloom in sun or shade.  Since it tends to come up in many places, it's good that it's easy to pull or mow.  I have it in many beds and let it brighten up around other perennials.  It doesn't shade out and it's roots don't kill other plants.  It's a polite little invasive.

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