Friday, July 31, 2015

When the cleaning is DONE

The house isn't clean until flowers 
from the garden are everywhere!

Hydrangea "Lime Light", Tiger Grass,  Oriental Lily "Casa Blanca", Tiger Lily "Black Beauty" and hosta leaves.

Nasturtium "Favorites Mix", Coleus and Helichrysum "Icicles" 

Hydrangea "Lime Light" and Black Eyed Susan.

Daylilies:  "Fran Hals", "Ice Carnival" and "Lilting Belle"

Marigold "Janie Mix"

Daylilies:  "Jean Swan", "Dublin Elaine" and "Hyperion".

Tiger Lily "Black Beauty" with Impatiens
"Dazzler Mix" in the pot behind.

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