Saturday, July 11, 2015

If You Knew

If you knew Katisue, my Katie, my Katisue! 
Hemerocallis "Katisue"
 "Katisue" is a 2 3/4 inch yellow/gold bloom with cinnamon brushing and curled petals with a green eye.  26 inch scapes.  Dormant.  Late bloomer.  Diploid.  Hardy with high bud count.  In my family bed for granddaughter, Katherine Sue.  This is a sweet little flower that reminds me of a donut.  
Hemerocallis "Hoosier Hopes"
"Hoosier Hopes" is in my family bed because I'm from Indiana.  A 5 inch matt purple/wine blend with darker halo and green/yellow eye.  34 inch scapes.  Dormant.  Mid to late season plus rebloom. 
Hemerocallis "Siloam Betty Woods"
"Siloam Betty Woods" is in the family garden for my mother, Betty.  A 5 1/2 inch double light peach self with green throat and ruffling.  Mid and extended blooms.  Diurnal.  Dormant.  Diploid.  18-24 inch scapes.  VERY fragrant.  Won Honorable Mention and Junior Citation.  It sometimes has so many petals it fails to open all the way and is always late morning to open but stays open into evening.  Bring it into the house and it will scent an entire room.  
Hemerocallis "Susan Weber"
New to my garden this summer, "Susan Weber" is a 5 3/4 inch soft cream pink with a light rose pink border and soft ruffling.  Late and extended bloom.  Semi evergreen on 26 inch scapes.  Diploid.  Winter hardy and good increased clump size.  Received Award of Merit, Stout Silver Medal Runner-up, Honorable Mention and the Eugene S. Foster Award. 
Lilium lancifolium "Splendens"
"Splendens" aka Orange Tiger Lily is a sentimental addition to my gardens.  It is in the old pioneer Hopewell Cemetery, Howard County, Indiana where I have family buried.  

The orange recurved pendent flowers are speckled with dark dots and hang down from 30-36 inch stems.  Late blooming.  This is considered a Heirloom dating from 1804.  It's as sturdy as it is beautiful and will outlast this home if left to it's own devices. 

Have I mentioned rain lately?  Another inch today and about three inches to our south.     

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