Sunday, June 28, 2015

Along the Elegance Trail

Hemerocallis "Along the Way"
"Along the Way" is a 5 1/2 inch diamond dusted peach/pink lily with deep red brushed eye and green throat.  Slightly ruffled edge that is usually yellow.  On 30 inch scapes.  Tetraploid.  Dormant.  Strong grower and tolerates partial shade.  As the light changes, it takes on patches of iridescence.   
Hemerocallis "Fly Catcher"
"Fly Catcher" is a 7 1/2 inch dark red spider with long thin slightly curled petals around a large yellow/green throat and white midribs.  Diurnal.  Diploid.  Dormant.  Mid to late season bloomer on 32 inch scapes.  This lily is so bright and big it catches attention from across the yard.
Hemerocallis "Midsummer Elegance"
"Midsummer Elegance" lives up to it's name.  5 1/2 inch dark royal purple/red, heavy midribs, darker halo, small green eye and wide overlapped ruffled petals.  20 inch scapes.  Late season plus rebloom.  Dormant.  Diploid.  This looks really pretty next to white flowers - either other lilies or perennials.
Hemerocallis "Purple de Oro"
This picture shows how lovely daylilies are when mixed with other perennials; this is a very hardy False Sunflower "Summer Sun" with "Purple de Oro".  In the gene mix with Stella de Oro, this is a 3 inch lavender with reddish halo and yellow throat.  The edge is lightly ruffled and it has 24 inch scapes.  Semi evergreen.  Mid summer and rebloom (or pretty much continuous.)  A very reliable lily.
Hemerocallis "Unknown Glowing Yellow Chartreuse"
I name all my unknown varieties and this one I call "UK Glowing Yellow Chartreuse".  I have it in too much shade and it still does fine.  The 5 inch semi spider's glowing chartreuse stands out in the shade and catches attention.  It has a small green eye and lightly recurved petals that also lightly ruffled.  28 inch scapes.  Blooms mid season.  Always healthy.

And alas, it's raining again this evening.  I didn't garden today; taking a day of rest.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to get back out.  May have to wear my HazMat suit since yesterday I received loads of bug bites through my clothes and with spray.  Determined little insects.  Aw, the hazards of gardening.     

Sun tutorial:  Most daylilies do best in full sun in the Midwest.  Some hold their color longer if they have some afternoon shade.  Usually if they're in too much shade, the bud count will diminish, the scapes will be less strong, (meaning they will flop on the ground) the plant won't increase in size as fast/much and the colors may be different than advertised.  Seldom will it die unless it's competing with very strong tall plants.  Even then it may just sit there - alive but not blooming and looking sad once uncovered.  If this matted cover happens early in the summer, it will not send up scapes/flowers the rest of the season even if uncovered later.  They are genetically programed to do certain things at certain times and they stick with the program.   

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