Sunday, June 14, 2015

Bali Hai Will Call You

Today's bloom.

Bali Hai will call you - any night - any day.  Are you singing now?  

Bali Hai daylily started blooming today.  

Daylily "Bali Hai" is one I've had for a long time.  No idea where it came from - one of those funky sacks from a discount store.  And here's the reason I suggest you do not buy daylilies from big box stores:  They seldom are true to the variety.  My plant has absolutely no documented picture of it that looks like mine.  

For years and years, it did poorly.  It had deformities and color oddities.  I finally dug it up and planted it (because I simply can't throw away a daylily) out by my husband's shed.  Daylilies must be very hardy and substantial to make it out there.  In the summer, the beds bake in that old field clay.  In the winter, it gets strong cold winds with no protection.  I condemned Bali Hai to a rather brutal test.

Apparently, it needed tough love because it's now a healthy plant increasing in clump size and the flowers are routinely perfect.  Perfectly healthy - not perfectly descriptive of it's variety.  

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