Friday, June 19, 2015

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Daylilies that started blooming today (June 19, 2015):

Hemerocallis "Neferitii"
Daylily "Nefertititii" is a 5 inch creamy yellow with a deep red throat and yellow center on 26 inch scapes.  A Diploid, semi-evergreen, Tetraploid and slightly fragrant.  It's one tough plant; keeping it's color all day and has a long bloom time.  I have one in full sun and another division in light shade; both do great.  

"Nefertititii" was introduced by Munson in 1971.  It was awarded Honorable Mention and Junior Citation.  
I call this "Unknown Small Red with Gold Eye"
I don't remember where this came from, it's name, or anything else but "UK Small Red with Gold Eye" has a lot of sweet going on.  It's a 2 inch brick red with large bright gold eye and midribs, slightly ruffled and recurved petals.  One thing that makes it a standout is these little flowers are on top of 30 inch scapes.  This picture shows one floating in my copper birdbath prior to company coming.

I was able to weed the back yard this week but the front is fast becoming a bindweed jungle.  Bindweed is the scourge of my yard. I needed to be someplace else today even though it was a perfect gardening day.  I'll try to hit it tomorrow even though the temps and humidity will be bad and it is suppose to storm.  I must try.  As I was trying to get to a plant in the middle of a bed this evening, I was tripped by bindweed.  I'm just sure it reached up and grabbed my leg - I'm just sure.

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